Barani Raman
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
2007, Brauer Hall
Washington University
One Brookings Drive
Campus Box 1097
St. Louis, MO

Phone: 1-314-935-8538
Fax: 1-314-935-7448
Email: barani@seas.wustl.edu
Curriculum Vitae

I welcome inquiries from motivated postdoctoral researchers, graduate and undergraduate
students to join my lab.

Lab Members

Debajith Saha
Postdoctoral Fellow

Nalin Katta
PhD Student

Haoyang Rong
PhD Student

Nate King
PhD Student (co-advised by Viktor Gruev)

Srinath Nizampatnam
PhD Student

Lijun Zhang
PhD Student

Zhengdao Chen
Undergradaute Student

Alex Chen
Undergradaute Student

Lab Alumini

Greg Siegel
Lab Technician
2010 - 2011
Next Position: M.D. student at UConn.
Jerry Jin
Post Doctoral Fellow
2011 - 2012
Next Position: Research Scientist, Actavis
Kevin Leong
MS student
2011 - 2013
Next Position: Lattice Engines
David Yang
Undergraduate Researcher
2012 - 2013
Next Position: Lab Technician at Littleton Lab, MIT
Steve Peterson
Undergraduate Researcher
2012 - 2014
Next Position: PhD student, University of Michigan
Prith Das
Postdoctoral fellow
2012 - 2014
Next Position: Postdocotral Fellow, Ray Lab, UC Riverside
William Padovano
Undergraduate Researcher
2013 - 2015
Next Position: MD student, Washington University
Chao Li
PhD student
2011 - 2015
Next Position: Data Scientist, Bank Rate
Matthew O'Neill
MS Student
2013 - 2015
Next Position: Biomedical Engineer, Epic Systems
Adalee Lube
Undergraduate Researcher
2013 - 2015
Next Position: PhD student, DBBS, Wash. U.