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Recent Entries

  • Fushimi, R., Gleaves, J., Yablonsky, G.,Gaffney, A.,Clark, M., Han, S., "Combining TAP-2 experiments with Atomic Beam Deposition of Pd on quartz particles." Catal. Today (2006), doi: 10.1016/j.cattod.2006.07.061
  • Shekhtman,  S., Fushimi, R., Gaffney, A., Han, S., G. Yablonsky, G. S., and Gleaves, J. T., "TAP Studies of Propane to Acrylic Acid Oxidation over a MoVTeNb Oxide Catalyst Under Normal and Vacuum Conditions" Publication Pending.
  • Shekhtman, S. O., Yablonsky, G. S., Gleaves, J. T., and Fushimi, R., "State defining experiment in chemical kinetics - primary characterization of catalyst activity in a TAP experiment" Chem. Eng. Sci. 58 (2003) 4843 - 4859.
  • Constales, D., Yablonsky, G. S., Marin, G. B., and Gleaves, J. T., "Multi-zone TAP-reactors theory and application: I. The global transfer matrix equation" Chem. Eng. Sci. 56 (2001) 133 - 149.

Classic Publications

  • J.R. Ebner and J.T Gleaves, US Patent US 4 626 412 (2.12.1986).
  • J.T. Gleaves, J.R. Ebner and T.C. Kuechler,. Temporal analysis of products (TAP): a unique catalyst evaluation system with submillisecond time resolution.  Catal. Rev. Sci. Eng. 30 (1988), p. 49.
  • Gleaves, J. T., Yablonskii, G. S., Phanawadee,  P., and Schuurman, Y., “TAP-2 An Interrogative Kinetics Approach”, Appl. Catal., A: General, 160 (1997) 55.
  • Yablonskii, G. S., Shekhtman, S. O., Chen, S., and Gleaves, J. T., “Moment-Based Analysis of Transient Response Catalytic Studies (TAP-Experiment)” Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 37 (1998) 2193.
  • Shekhtman, S. O., Yablonskii, G. S., Chen, S., and Gleaves, J. T., “Thin-Zone TAP Reactor: Theory and Application” Chem. Eng. Sci. 54 (1999) 4371

Related Publications

  • Constales, D., Yablonsky, G. S., Marin, G. B., and Gleaves, J. T., "Mulit-zone TAP-reactors theory and application: II. The three-dimensional theory" Chem. Eng. Sci. 56 (2001) 1913 - 1923
  • Schuurman, Y., and Gleaves, J.T., "Activation of Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide Catalysts for Alkane Oxidation - The Influence of the Oxidation State on Catalyst Selectivity", Ind. & Eng. Chem. Research, 33 (1994) 2935.
  • Dowell, D., and Gleaves, J.T.,  “The Nature of the Active/Selective Phase in VPO Catalysts and the Kinetics of n-Butane Oxidation”, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 110, (eds. R. K. Grasselli, S. T. Oyama, A. M. Gaffney, and J. E. Lyons) Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, (1997) 199.
  • Schuurman, Y., and Gleaves, J.T., "A Comparison of Steady-State and Unsteady-State Reaction Kinetics of n-Butane Oxidation over VPO Catalysts Using a TAP-2 Reactor System", Catal. Today, 33 (1997) 25.
  • Yablonsky, G.S., Katz, NormanI., Phanawadee, P. and Gleaves, J.T., 1997. Symmetrical cylindrical model for TAP pulse response experiments and validity of the one-dimensional TAP model. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 36, pp. 3149–3153.







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